Free Radio in Scandinavia? Why does everyone come to think of Radio Nord, Radio Syd and other sea vessels? How about Radio Baltic? Radio Tiffany? Sound of Sweden?

pirate_ABIt has not been easy to find information about all stations that have been active in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, and there might be a few that I have missed. If you know that I have missed some station, or if you have more / better information, please do not hesitate to contact me so I can update the files.

Free Home Scandinavia was first released as a CD in the year 1998. By than I had the idea of releasing it as a web site, but lack of time made it difficult. Now I try to start over again with the raw material and hopefully some help from the readers. Let us make this site as good as it can.

Maybe, with some assistance, the Finnish pirate scene can be included in this web release. But than I really need some help.

The language within this site should be of the English kind, I do hope it is good enough. If you would like to improve it, you are welcome to do so.

Sound? We have a few recordings that are published as MP3, just press the little radio to listen. But we want more, so if you have any old recordings, jingles or fragments of shows, please send us a short part as MP3.

Other pirates? Yes, we have space enough for more pirates from Europe as well. Despite the name Free Home Scandinavia, we can host more information. Send to pirate at freehomescandinavia dot com.
Sounds and images can be sent after my reply – if you enter a correct e-mail address.

This site is specially dedicated to all those enthusiasts that built the ground for the Scandinavian Free Radio Scene.