Radio Amnesty International

This station began some time during 1975. During 5-6 weeks the same show was on air, a non-stop music-show with id’s in English and Swedish. They told the listener that they support Amnesty International and that they hated communists. And how you, dear reader, make those two thing together, it’s up to you. This station claims that they were the first one to receive a report from England, Sevenoaks. The report was dated 75-11-30 and the SINPO was 22222.

The DJ was Vilhelm Bleed, and the output was 15 watts. They had a half-wave dipole 2 x 11.65 meters. The technical equipment was 2 turntables, 2 tape-recorders, 1 dynamic microphone, 1 mixer and a phase-mover. This station was a member of the FRL in Norway.

The station was heard the last time 77-03-23 and probably died when FRL broke down the first October -77. They used the frequency 6442 kHz. They said that they should broadcast Saturdays 0900-0930 or 1100 to 1130 or Sundays same times. In reality the broadcasts become sporadic.