Radio Baltic International 1

In august 1972, RBI started up by a 25 years old op, when Radio Nord just had closed down. But the history of RBI begin in 1962.

The operator was very interested in broadcasting. He broadcast on mediumwave in the area of 1605-1615 kHz, and during the years 1964-67 he used the name Radio Polar. After a while he managed to get in possess of a crystal for the 48 Mb.

This band was only operated by World Music Radio, Radio Nordsee and some few British FR-stations. So Sweden Calling DX-ers gave RBI a lot of attention. But some Radio-Amateurs tattled on RBI and claimed that he had disturbed their reception of Radio Peking (home network at this time).

006aNTA had made several trials to find this station by cross radio location, without success. But they know in what neighbourhood he was, so the 26’th of November 1972 there were around 5-8 men from NTA around his QTH.

It took only a few minutes until RBI was raided. The unluckiness in this story is that the operator had desired that should be the last transmission for the season. His QTH was very cold at this time. This RBI has nothing to do with the Baltic who popped up 1994. The transmitter of RBI was capable of approx. 25 Watts and a new and better one was just ready to be installed when the raid took place.

The antenna was just a simple dipole between two trees. RBI received reports from the Netherlands in south and Finland in the north.