Radio Baltic International 2

007aThis station operated one of Sweden’s strongest pirate transmitter and had probably the best equipment as well.

The antenna system was a V-dipole that was cut exactly to the operating frequency 6206.5 kHz. The power was around 350-400 Watts.

The tests began probably in 1992. Swedish chart-music was heard on the frequency of 6273 kHz (19th of September). But the operator Bengt had been on earlier then that, in 1963 he made is first programs on the FM-band.

The 10th of June 1994, RBI was born. First was only programs from Radio Nord sent out, but soon could other stations be heard via this strong transmitter, broadcasting from the Baltic Sea.

The tubes that was in use was the very good one of 4CX350. But the 18th of March 1995, the Swedish PTS carried out a raid on this popular station. The operator lost a lot of equipment and had to pay 4500 SEK to the state.

Later the operator took the chance to run low powered community radio on FM.