Radio Dolby

The bright sound of the north

028aDolby was on for real the 16 of January 1977 on 6218 kHz. The home-made transmitter produced around 25 watts.

Dolby had a test program on air already in 1976, but they had no address at that time, so they did not know if anyone had heard them.

They was connected to the Free Radio League in Norway, after FRL closed down Dolby changed to Free Radio Service.

After a while the operators of Dolby understood that more power was needed, so they run into a stronger transmitter, and this was used together with a bad working antenna and the approximately output was now 60 watts. Behind Dolby six person was appeared with ages between 18 and 19 years.


The broadcast last for one or two hours. The main thought was a transmission every second Sunday, this was not the result. In that age there are many other things that like some attention. Dolby played all kind of music, and some of the DJ’s was known as Super Mac(Mike), Steve Sonic, Ray Dolby and King Kermit. Dolby also tried to start a debate around socialism, as they was talking for. This was not easy. Buy putting politics on Free Radio they wanted to erase the image of jingle-crying stations with hit-music as only content that Dolby said that FR-stations had. Dolby was also heard on 6261 kHz. In December 1977 the station was raided, just eight minutes before close down. The GPO stopped by the road and looked at the operator’s car, which contained all the gear. The GPO then drove off, to the actual site, where they hoped to get a closer look at the crew. The Dolbyteam, leaving in a car, hid on the floor and only the driver was seen.