Heavy Dude Radio

audioWell, this station was famous for three things beer, beer and rock-mx!


035aNot soft rock, oh no, the heaviest around! They started their transmissions on the 15th of November 1992 with a test on 6199 kHz.

The official start was one week later the 22nd of November 1992 also on 6199 kHz.

In December 1992 they finally moved to 6210 kHz. First their was only Mr Heavy Dude in the studio, but in January 1993 Mr Hawk and Mr Goat joined the crew. Mr Goat doing his “Mr Goat s Heavy Drunk Ten” and Mr Hawk just doing what he always does: making people laugh. Mr Hawk should not be mixed up with Kim Hawk from Starshine Radio.

In January 1993 they made their 1st live show and continued with that until April, when they had to move their transmitter because of very curious neighbours. During January to March they had two marathon broadcasts on Saturday evenings/nights on 6210 kHz, but did not get any response at all.


One of their final programs was their 1st anniversary show, with a Heavy Top 100. This program was so long so it was split into three weekends! HDR did also buy a new transmitter, but this one only managed one test, and then the transformer get destroyed. In December 1995 the last program so far was heard.