The Rainbow Radio

Regnbågens Radio

This stations claimed itself to be an alternative to Swedish Radio and began it’s transmissions in 1974 with a transmitter like the one Tiffany had been using. The output was 35 watts.

This was not good enough for the station so they built a new one. In the springtime 1976 they was back again on the air with their new transmitter which had an output of 90 watts (that’s what the station claimed).

In the beginning they used 6210 and 6213 kHz, but FRL, which they was connected to, wanted them to move to some other frequencies. So in June 1976 they changed to 6225 kHz.

The “Exotic station in the 48 Mb” as they said, played mostly music from south America and south Europe. As a sign-on melody they used the very well known Harry Lime Theme. The operators fight through the radio against the monopoly run by the Swedish Radio and told their listeners to fight for a free commercial radio.

The station was broadcasting from the south of Sweden and responsible for the broadcast was a man called Tage. He had the title: Manager and Director Superintendent of Rainbow Radio in charge.

The station was also criticised. This is taken from DX-Gnistan no 4 1976 ( an old Swedish DX-mag) “…the quality of the programs stinks and the station belongs to those which should make their appearance on the band as short as possible.”

If they took the criticism ad notam, I don’t know, but after the 5:th of June 1977, nothing had been heard from the station. There was some speculation that this station was identical to Radio Sombrero, which content was very equal to Rainbow’s.