Radio Tiffany International

audioAs all other FR-enthusiast, their era begins with listening to Caroline 558 (at this time also Veronika and Nordsee). Thanks to the operator of Capital Radio he managed to build a two-tubes transmitter with a power of 15 watt. The operator of RTI was Peter Liberty, and his first test was made the 25’th of November 1972 on 6210 kHz. He chooses this date (Saturday) because of that he did not wanted to disturb the broadcast from R.Baltic Int. This station (RBI) become raided the next day.

066aRTI could not keep this frequency because of disturbance from R.Nordsee Int and decided to change to 6225 kHz. Together with the Op from Capital they grind the crystal with a carborundum-paper! They managed that work, but the frequency become a little bit to high above the expected one; 6238 kHz.
Every Saturday, first between 11 and 12 ST and later on until 13.00 ST, RTI was on air. The response from the listeners was huge! Thanks to the format, new hits and music that the Swedish Radio did not play, he became famous.

The problem in Sweden seems to be that if you get famous they must find you and close down your tx. If you don’t get famous you can continue as nothing had happened.The problem that RTI had was that there was a magazine called TIFFANY and they had a box-address in the same town as RTI. So of course, some letters got the wrong way and that magazine did an article about him. That was the beginning of the end of Radio Tiffany International. At around 11.00 the 27’th of April 1974 one crime-inspector and three men from the National Telecommunications Administration (NTA) knocked on his door. That was the last transmission from Radio Tiffany International.